Aquarium Shine Service and Installation

Marine Reef Aquariums

Add that Great Barrier Reef Feel to Your Aquarium

If you’ve fallen in love with the exotic look and feel of coral reef, we can bring that same environment into an aquarium in your home. We’ll design the perfect aquarium for your space and we’ll help you create a stunning saltwater reef environment.

We’ll help you fill your aquarium with reef fauna, live coral and rock, ocean creatures, and saltwater fish!

Not an Ordinary Saltwater Aquarium

If you’re looking for something more colorful and more engaging than a typical saltwater aquarium, a reef aquarium provides you with stunning color, fauna, and a more realistic ocean environment for your saltwater creatures.

Beginner Saltwater Invertebrates

  • Shrimp

  • Crabs

  • Sea urchins

  • Starfish

  • Anemones

Let us Help You!

We’ll work with you from blueprints to fish, to maintenance. We will help you design, build, fill, and maintain your aquarium. We offer maintenance plans which range from all-inclusive, to a more basic plan to ensure your aquarium is kept at its very best.

Need inspiration for your custom marine reef aquarium? View our gallery page for ideas, then visit our convenient location to see what’s in stock! Please feel free to call with any questions.

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aquarium shine
aquarium shine
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