Aquarium Shine Service and Installation

Saltwater and Freshwater EcoSystems

At Aquarium Shine, we pride ourselves on designing some of the most captivating custom saltwater and freshwater aquariums in the Detroit area. Specializing in a wide array of unique aquariums, we ensure each design harmonizes perfectly with both new and existing space, be it a tranquil aquarium for your home or a commercial display to enhance your restaurant, hotel, office, or any business setting.

Marine Reef

Living Reef

Elevate your environment with a living reef, merging art with marine biology for a stunning display of nature.

Saltwater reef

Artificial Reef

Explore a broader selection of fish with a colorful and vibrant artificial reef similar to natural coral.


Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of freshwater aquariums, where serene landscapes and a diverse selection of fish create a soothing, natural retreat within your space.

Marine Reef

Living Reef

Living Reef Aquariums bring a piece of the ocean's soul into your space.

With an emphasis on the coral and invertebrate communities, our expertly chosen reef safe fish complement the coral’s natural beauty, ensuring a balanced environment. Free from artificial structures, our living reefs are built on a foundation of pre-cured ocean live rock, creating an ecosystem that vividly displays the symbiotic relationships of marine life. Watch as your living reef becomes a thriving marine haven for fish, corals, crabs, snails, shrimp, and more, each playing a role in this vibrant underwater ecosystem that mirrors the diversity and complexity of our global coral reefs.